Bulk Billing

Veterans Affairs Pensioners are bulk billed for all services.

While government initiatives are in force, patients in receipt of full Age Pensions, Sole Parent Pensions, full Unemployment Benefits and Child Disability are bulk billed.

This will be reviewed when the government initiative payments are no longer paid.

Non Bulk Billed Consultations

Please be aware that some consultations are not funded by Medicare. In these circumstances you may need to pay the full fee, so we ask you to let us know in advance to avoid any misunderstanding.
Examples include:

  • Proceedures
  • pre-employment medical examinations or reports
  • paperwork not related to a health concern (e.g. a passport forms or witnessed signatures)
  • paperwork or other discussion about a legal case
  • All procedures and some dressings will also incur an out of pocket fee. Please discuss this with the receptionist when booking your procedure appointment.